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Friday, August 8

Botox, manicures, for ACC staff wellbeing ,questioned

MORE than $750,000 taxpayer money are giving to ACC Staff for their personal wellbeing.

This was revealed by National's ACC spokeswoman Pansy Wong saying its incredulous that ACC has shelled out Taxpayer money for staff to indulge in day spas, manicures, and botox to enhance and improve their personal wellbeing.

Mrs Wong is referring to the ACC staff welfare Activa card, which allows more than 2,000 employees to spend $250 each on a range of goods and services.

"ACC says the card provides 'a cost effective, administratively efficient, and consistent way to provide staff with access to health and wellbeing products and services'.

"These products and services include botox, manicures, aromatherapy, and pet grooming.

"I can't believe they are necessary to keep staff fit and well for work.

"In responding to whether this was an appropriate use of taxpayer money, even ACC Minister Maryan Street admitted in Parliament today that she has 'no idea what it has to do with ACC staff safety and health'.

"The Minister then attempted to absolve herself of any responsibility for this wasteful initiative by calling it 'an operational matter under the jurisdiction of the CEO'.

"Well, if Maryan Street isn't convinced that this is a responsible use of taxpayer money, I wonder how the public feels.

"Hardworking taxpayers, who have been denied the chance to keep more of their money under this Labour Government, deserve more than that feeble explanation.

"I suspect the Minister can't provide an acceptable justification for this reckless use of taxpayer money because, the reality is, she condones it."

On the Other Hand, The ACC defends staff benefits spending saying increase health and wellbeing of the staff the end result productivity,lowest sick leave, better staff morale.
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