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Thursday, August 21

Labour should overturn light bulb ban

National Party Energy spokesman Gerry Brownlee says the Government should overturn its plan to outlaw conventional light-bulbs.

"Kiwis should be trusted to make the choice. Economically speaking, there's a strong case to make for energy efficient bulbs, but for whatever reason some New Zealanders do not want to make the switch. We should respect their choice."

With the fire service considering the safety of energy efficient bulbs, Mr Brownlee says many of his colleagues have been fielding complaints from the public about the conventional light-bulb ban.

"Labour should be listening to those concerns.

"Of course, energy efficient bulbs will become the norm over time, as the design improves, and consumers are given a bigger range to choose from.

"But surely, there must be more to Labour's strategy to ensure security of electricity supply than changing a few light-bulbs."

Mr Brownlee says National has released an energy policy* that promotes security of supply so that New Zealand's economy is not constrained by the bottlenecks of electricity availability.

"Generating enough electricity to keep the lights on, the hot water on, and our industries producing has to be a Government priority.

"Instead of banning conventional light bulbs, Labour should focus on the things which matter."
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