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Wednesday, September 10

Another week another leak. The shambles continues

The shambles in National under its leader John Key continues this week with the release of a fourth leaked National Party policy.

"Another week, another leak," Trevor Mallard said.

"Today I am releasing their leaked Research, Science and Technology policy. My office received this yesterday. On Thursday and Friday last week I released the party's environment, conservation and biofuels policies - which had also been leaked.

"Mr Key should not only be embarrassed, he should be very worried about the shambolic show he is running. Contrary to his desperate claims last week, I did not find any of these policies in any café. Or in any restroom either for that matter.

"These leaks are more like a gushing stream and demonstrate yet again that there are serious problems within National.

"There is clearly a simmering resentment with John Key who is muzzling the caucus, keeping them out of all decision making and keeping his agenda secret from his own MPs as well as the New Zealand public," Trevor Mallard said.

"The four leaked policies to date come on top of a number of examples of leaking and premature announcements of policy and secret plans which have plagued National since the last election.

Following on from the Hollow Men, there have been leaks and "accidental" disclosures of the party's plans

  • to sell off Kiwibank, to impose $50 a week tolls,
  • to ditch employer contributions to KiwiSaver, and
  • to privatise ACC, not to mention
  • the leak of John Key's suspicious meeting with British Conservative Party Deputy Chair and wealthy political donor Lord Michael Ashcroft.

"I have passed on this latest leaked policy to Research, Science and Technology Minister Pete Hodgson who will comment on its content," Trevor Mallard concluded.

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