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Wednesday, September 10

Williams denies asking Glenn for job

Labour Party president Mike Williams denies he sought a job from Owen Glenn.

Mr Glenn, an expatriate billionaire who lives in Monaco, today told reporters Mr Williams asked for a job earlier this year.

Mr Glenn came back to New Zealand to gave evidence yesterday to Parliament's privileges committee which is looking into whether New Zealand First leader Winston Peters broke declaration rules when he got a $100,000 donation from Mr Glenn.

Mr Williams went to visit Mr Glenn on his boat off France on July 10.

The visit was to seek more money from Mr Glenn, who previously gave Labour $500,000.

"You're going to love this, he asked me for a job," Mr Glenn told reporters this morning.

"He said he's a good administrator, he's run his own businesses, he's articulate -- a trifle subservient.... He was just saying what's in life for me, I don't want to do this all of my life."

Mr Glenn did not give him a job because he had no roles in New Zealand . He would not hire him.

"As of now I wouldn't employ him. I didn't employ him then anyway."

When Mr Williams asked for more funding for Labour, Mr Glenn said he declined. "I asked him to go home."

Mr Williams said Mr Glenn was wrong but might have been recalling a conversation the pair had a couple of years ago.

"Owen was interested in setting up or buying a logistics company in New Zealand and discussed with me the possibility that I could play a role in managing it. I declined."-NZPA

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