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Tuesday, September 2

Clark should answer the real questions

Helen Clark should answer the real questions about why she kept the public in the dark for six months about the Owen Glenn donation to her Foreign Affairs Minister, says National Party Leader John Key.

“Her claims today that the SFO told National it was going to investigate Winston Peters are simply false.

“National simply didn’t know about the SFO’s intentions, and Helen Clark should apologise to the agency for her false claim.

“The real question is why Helen Clark chose to keep the public in the dark for so long.

“She has a lot of explaining to do about why she decided only on Thursday to let New Zealanders in on a secret she had kept from them for six months.

“The mystery Owen Glenn donation was an issue of considerable public interest that was never far from the headlines.

“The fact is that when Mr Peters held up the ‘No’ sign in February, Helen Clark knew the answer was ‘Yes’. She has misled New Zealanders, and should explain why she did so.”