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Tuesday, September 2

John Key - slipperiness you can believe in

John Key's claim in a British newspaper to be New Zealand's Barack Obama is clearly a statement he didn't expect to see reported in this country, Deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen said today.

"John Key has a very high opinion of himself, but his claim to the mantle of Barack Obama is laughable," Dr Cullen said.

"Senator Obama's biography is built on his turning down of big corporate job offers in order to serve his community and country. John Key hardly did the same.

"Senator Obama is also running on a platform of significant change in policy direction. Mr Key spends all of his time promising New Zealanders that he has no secret plans to change anything the Labour-led government has done.

"Senator Obama also opposed the war in Iraq from day one. Mr Key attacked the Labour-led government for not joining the war effort, saying New Zealand was ‘missing in action.'