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Saturday, November 1

Half-baked Nat scheme leaves workers in the cold

National’s half-baked attempt to provide security for workers means two-earner families would be cut adrift, Social Development Spokesperson Ruth Dyson said today.

“Labour’s Job Search Allowance announced yesterday will provide meaningful relief for workers made redundant regardless of their partner’s income. Labour would give immediate assistance to a two-income family when one earner loses their job," said Ruth Dyson.

“Labour’s policy covers the over two-thirds of couples with one or two children are both work.

“National’s pale imitation focuses on families who would already be eligible for government assistance through the Unemployment Benefit, Working for Families, the Accommodation Supplement, and Temporary Additional Support in the event of a redundancy.

“That means National’s plan provides nothing for the very people who currently get the least assistance when there is a redundancy in the family.

“Labour’s Job Search Allowance acknowledges that many moderate-income families have two-earners to make ends meet.

“Last weekend John Key talked up his package, today it has become clear he was making it up as he went along and has disappointed the very people he claimed he was trying to help,” Ruth Dyson said..

“The package is so ill-thought out they have omitted to include the effects of the Temporary Additional Support (TAS) in the first two examples they used. TAS is a short-term payment to people who need extra help to manage.

“This omission means that the gains National claims their example families would receive under their scheme are significantly inflated.
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