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Saturday, November 1

Kick-starting confidence through growth

National Party Finance spokesman Bill English says the slump in business confidence is an indictment on Michael Cullen's stewardship of the economy.

"In early September, Michael Cullen assured New Zealand that 'the worst is over'. New Zealanders didn't believe him and clearly business has no confidence in Labour's 'promise and hope' solutions, either.

"Business confidence needs a kick-start. That's why National has put together a practical, carefully costed plan to clear the bottlenecks in our economy.

"Addressing the infrastructural deficit, less red tape, bringing more discipline to government spending, and promoting educational standards to give our children the skills they need to succeed in the modern world - that's what the economy is crying out for."

Mr English says National's commitments are affordable and costed.

"National has made some tough choices, but our plan is fully funded. Contrast that with Helen Clark, who has still not yet produced a set of numbers to show what impact her 'promise and hope' spending will have on the state of the Crown accounts.

"Labour's is a phoney campaign. Helen Clark is promising to spend people's taxes but she can't - or won't - tell anyone where it's coming from. Labour only has a spending plan, they don't have a growth plan."

Mr English says National remains optimistic for the future.

"What's required is a Government that is focused on the things that matter rather than the sideshow distractions which Labour's so keen on.

"After nine years under Helen Clark's leadership we have slid down the OECD ladder. National simply does not accept that is the best we can do."
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