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Tuesday, February 3

Google Earth 5.0 launched by Ocean

If you are not a good swimmer or Diver?

You want to see and explore the ocean floor of Australia, New Zealand, france and even in Planet Mars.

Don't worry this your time , as Google today announces the launch of Ocean in Google Earth, a new feature that lets people dive beneath the water surface, explore 3D underwater terrain and browse ocean-related content contributed by leaders in ocean science and advocacy.  

According to Annie Baxter, Google PR Manager, New Zealand, The new 'Explore the Ocean' layer features the Poor Knights, dive sites like the Rainbow Warrior and the F69, information on ship wrecks like the Wahine, and video footage of some of New Zealand’s threatened marine species.   

On the Other hand, Professor John Montgomery, director of the South Pacific Centre for Marine Science at the University of Auckland, says both marine research and internet users will benefit from the launch of Ocean in Google Earth.  

“For each of the locations identified in the new ‘Explore the Ocean’ layer, people will be able to see what’s there, why it’s unique, and how and why it’s changing. It also highlights how humans both affect and depend upon the oceans,He said

He added through the internet, people in New Zealand and around the world will be able to get a better feel for the plight of our oceans, and will be inspired to find out more. 

Professor Montgomery says his organisation is excited by the prospect of using Google Earth as a tool for science and scientific communication. 

For example,He said combining Google Earth with rapidly developing technologies in tagging will enable us to portray the amazing migrations and navigational abilities of seabirds, and long-distance ocean travellers like tuna, billfish, sharks and whales


The Ocean feature is on by default in the newest version of Google Earth. As users zoom in on the ocean they will see a dynamic water surface, and once they dive beneath the surface they can navigate 3D sea floor terrain. The feature includes 20 content layers, containing information contributed by the world’s leading scientists and ocean explorers. It provides an opportunity to explore some of the most difficult-to-reach parts of the world, letting people examine underwater volcanoes, watch videos about the exotic marine life of the region, read about nearby shipwrecks, and contribute photos and videos of favourite surf spots.

“In discussions about climate change, the world’s oceans are often overlooked despite being an integral part of the issue, “ says Google CEO Eric Schmidt. 
“About one-third of the carbon dioxide that we emit into the atmosphere ends up in the oceans. Furthermore, biodiversity loss in our oceans in the next 20-30 years will be roughly equivalent to losing an entire Amazon rainforest, but this goes unnoticed because we can’t see it. This is why today’s launch of Google Earth 5.0 is so important it gives us an opportunity to change everyone’s perspective. 

The new version of Google Earth also introduces Mars 3D, which features hi-res imagery and terrain of the red planet; Historical Imagery, letting people virtually travel back in time through archival satellite and aerial imagery; and Touring, which makes it simple to create a narrated tour in Google Earth and share it with the world.
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