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Thursday, October 15

English must stop talking economy down

The Government needs to stop talking the economy down and to show it has a real plan to help hard-working Kiwi families battling to make ends meet, says Labour Finance spokesperson David Cunliffe.

“The impact of the global financial crisis has been serious, but the recession is now clearly turning around,” David Cunliffe said. “New Zealand weathered the storm as well as it did because of the strong fiscal management of the last Labour Government that left National with almost zero net debt and very low gross debt by international standards.”

David Cunliffe said Labour had also put in place in Budget 2008 the stimulus needed to support jobs and families through the worst of the recession.

“Finance Minister Bill English has returned from visiting investor markets in Hong Kong and London saying we are flavour of the month, and that relative to other OECD countries we are coming out of the recession in better shape.

“Kiwis have accepted that the past months have been tough times. Now they want National to inspire new hope for a sustainable future. That won’t happen while Bill English continues to talk the economy down.”