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Friday, October 16

Now is the time: Blog Action Day

NOTE: Reblog from Mico Santos's Style of Life
This post was written in support of Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day for Climate Change and I happy to support this event. Since I started this blog I always been advocate regarding issues on Climate Change.

To recall, This December world leaders will gather in Copenhagen to negotiate a global response to climate change. As a world leader in greenhouse gas pollution as well as clean energy technology.

So, I make sure my blog will cover any environmental issues particularly if the event is organized by 350 New Zealand.

Here are some videos I make for thesidestrip , my video blog in connection with Climate Change.

Above video is first time I cover 350 New Zealand for their The annual Climate Action festival held in Waitangi Park in Wellington.

This above video was taken last September 4,2009 for thesidestrip ,more than 50 cyclist gathered together at the Queen Wharf to support 350 New Zealand on Climate Change.

Below is the recent activities of Eday organization in recycling some old computers and mobile phones which they collected more than 966 tonnes of computer equipments

Let's do our part in saving our environment . Now is that time!!

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