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Thursday, November 26

Come to Copenhagen John!

With the news this morning that US President Barack Obama will briefly attend the Copenhagen Climate talks next month, there really is no excuse for John Key’s continued refusal to join other world leaders there, Green Party Co-leader Russel Norman said today.

“Our Green MPs Jeanette Fitzsimons and Kennedy Graham will be attending the talks, and I urge John Key to join them,” Dr Norman said.

“Obviously it’s pretty late notice. I’m sure Jeanette and Kennedy can help him find a couch to doss down on if he’s stuck for accommodation.”

Dr Norman said it would be embarrassing for New Zealand not to throw the weight of our highest office behind the talks like the US is doing.

“Of course the real reason Mr Key is still refusing to attend might be that he’ll have to defend the incredibly weak, watered down ETS that his Government rammed through the House in urgency yesterday.

“New Zealand’s record on climate change has been criticised in the international media recently, and it will only get worse if Mr Key doesn’t follow President Obama’s lead and front up at Copenhagen,” Dr Norman said.