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Wednesday, December 16

Greater scope for Enrolled Nurses

Here a good news for all enrolled nurses.

Enrolled nurses will be able to take on more skilled work supporting registered nurses under changes announced by the Nursing Council.

Expanding the work of Enrolled Nurses was one of the Government's election pledges to help address the workforce crisis.

Health Minister Tony Ryall said, "Patients will be the big winners from the change to the scope of practice for Enrolled Nurses. It means these nurses can be more involved in care of patients with Registered Nurses."

"Modern nursing and healthcare teams need another level of nursing expertise. Many nurse assistants have argued that their scope of work and training can be broadened, which would allow them to play a stronger role, with supervision from Registered Nurses."

"The changes involve a single scope of practice, more training, the ability to develop more skills, and will lead to greater flexibility for Enrolled Nurses in the health service."

These changes will come into effect early next year.

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