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Wednesday, December 16

Minister disappointed at pig code delay

Agriculture Minister David Carter is disappointed that a threat of legal action by the Pork Industry Board has delayed the release of a new code of welfare for pigs.
"It is frustrating that this has happened just days before the draft code was to be released for public consultation.

"Earlier this year I asked the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) to review the code urgently so it could release a draft for consultation by the end of the year.

"NAWAC has advised me that it was on track to do this, but an unprecedented threat of legal action over the release of the draft code for public consultation has derailed the process.

"This is disappointing as I realise there is a high level of public concern over the issue of pig welfare."

Mr Carter says he agrees NAWAC should protect itself from threatened litigation and he accepts that the best course of action is for the Committee to consult further with the Pork Industry Board before releasing the draft for public consultation.

"This draft code needs to be out urgently. The industry and NAWAC need to work together to make it happen," says Mr Carter.