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Wednesday, December 16

Pig code delay is pork barrel politics at its worst

The pig-headed Pork Industry Board is holding a gun to the Minister of Agriculture, David Carter, and delaying the release of a new pig code, Green Animal Welfare spokesperson Sue Kedgley said today.

The National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) announced today that the review of the Pig Code would be delayed due to threats of legal action from the Pork Industry Board regarding NAWAC releasing the draft code for public consultation.

"The Minister promised that the code would be out for the public to have their say before the year's end. The Minister has not kept his promise," said Ms Kedgley

Ms Kedgley said the Pork Industry Board should not have been shown the code before it was released, ahead of anyone else.

"Having done so, the Pork Industry is now using unprecedented stand-over tactics and the threat of legal action to delay the reform of inhumane pig-farming practices.

"This is pork barrel politics at its worst and the Minister should not capitulate to the industry's tactics," Ms Kedgley said.

"There is no timetable for releasing even the draft code, and it is clear the Pork Industry Board could continue to use endless delaying tactics and legal action well into next year.

"This nonsense has to stop and I call on the Minister not to cave into the Pork Industry Board and to release the draft code for consultation immediately."