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Friday, December 18

Leaked UN report shows Key needs to step up

A leaked UN report shows that New Zealand needs to come to the party and lift its emissions target to stop catastrophic runaway climate change, said the Green Party today.

The United Nations report shows that the world’s current pledged emission reduction targets will lead to global temperatures rising by 3C. It is widely recognised that temperature rises must be kept to 2C to avoid runaway and catastrophic climate change. John Key confirmed in the House last week that the Government is committed to keeping temperature rise to 2C.

“John Key needs to show leadership and lift our emissions reduction target, because this leaked UN report confirms that current emissions targets will not avoid catastrophic climate change,” said Green Party Co-Leader Russel Norman.

“The truth is, there is a lot that New Zealand can do to make substantial cuts to its carbon emissions at a reasonable cost. Making these changes now will help put our economy on a sustainable footing and will maintain our invaluable clean green reputation,” said Dr Norman.

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