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Wednesday, April 21

Annual stoppages rise for the first time in four years

The annual number of work stoppages increased for the first time since the December 2005 year, Statistics New Zealand said today.

Twenty-six work stoppages ended in the December 2009 year, compared with 23 in the December 2008 year. Stoppages in the December 2009 year involved 8,705 employees, losses of 13,942 person-days of work, and an estimated $2.4 million in wages and salaries. The 26 stoppages consisted of 20 complete strikes, five partial strikes, and one lockout.

Although the manufacturing industry had the highest number of stoppages in the December 2009 year,the transport, postal and warehousing industry had both the largest number of employees involved and the highest estimated loss in wages and salaries.

Twelve work stoppages ended in the December 2009 quarter, consisting of 10 complete strikes, one partial strike, and one lockout.