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Wednesday, April 21

Men and women split on republic- Republican Movement said

"A poll commissioned by the Republican Movement and published today - the Queen's 84th birthday - has found Kiwis are divided on the republic issue, especially by gender" said Lewis Holden, chair of the Republican Movement.

44% of men surveyed in the poll stated they wanted New Zealand to become a republic, and did not want Prince Charles to become New Zealand's head of state when the Queen's reign ends, compared with 31% of women. 45% of men and 55% of women supported Charles as King respectively. 8% of men and 11% of women stated they wouldn't answer or didn't know.

"The reason for the gender difference is something of a mystery to us. There is also strong difference between older and younger New Zealanders" continued Mr Holden.

"But whether they support the monarchy or a republic, all New Zealanders deserve the chance to choose who their future head of state is - Keith Locke currently has a Bill before Parliament to let them do just that" concluded Mr Holden.

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